Halloween is the typical North American party that has transcended borders and times to become, for better or worse, a global event that takes strength in many countries. One of the wonders of this celebration is, undoubtedly, the use of pumpkin that we find both in sweet and savory food recipes, as well as in the decoration of the house to make a Halloween pumpkin head. Another fun and different way to decorate your Halloween party with pumpkins, in addition to creating them with original drawings, is to paint them with the face of your favorite characters – Painted Pumpkins.

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

1# Painted Pumpkins: Pumpkin Minions

  9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween
Pumpkin Minions

Kevin, Bob, Stuart. Choose your favorite Minions character and decorate your pumpkins like them. You can choose 2 versions: the yellow Minions or turn them into evil purple characters. In both cases, you need acrylic paint (yellow, blue, black, white and purple) soda cans and some white paper. First, draw the figure of the Minion you want to make with a pencil on the pumpkin. Once you have the strokes defined, move on to color.

The final touch will be given by the fun glasses that you can do with the bottom of a can of soda. Place a circle of white paper of the same size on the base of the can. Draw an eye and paste it. It only remains to fix it to the pumpkin to make your fun figure.

2# Painted Pumpkins: Superheroes

 9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

The most famous comic and movie superheroes can be at your Halloween party. You only have to choose if you prefer Spiderman, Superman, Batman or Captain America. For everyone, you need medium-sized pumpkins, acrylic paints, foam brushes and a small brush with a straight edge to make the lines more precise.

3# Painted Pumpkins: Mini Olaf

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

If your children are Frozen fans, they will love making this little Olaf with 5 pumpkins. Use the largest of them to make the body. Join it with the torso, which will be a smaller pumpkin, and with the feet with hot silicone. Do not forget to give 2 layers of white paint.

To make the head, use another pumpkin already painted. With a corncob, you can make the nose that will have to be attached to the pumpkin. Pipe cleaners, or wires, can be hair. Add the black details and you will have a perfect decoration for your Halloween party.

4# Painted Pumpkins: SpongeBob and his friends

 9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween
SpongeBob and his friends

All Bikini Bottom characters can be at your Halloween party. With a few pumpkins and colorful paints, you can create SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Gary. Do not forget to give two layers of acrylic paint at the base of your pumpkins so that the color of the characters stays longer.

5# Painted Pumpkins: Monsters

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween
Sulley and Mike Wazowski Pumpkins

If something can not be missed in your Halloween party are the monsters. In this case, we propose to make the funniest monsters that children like, Sulley and Mike Wazowski. In addition to painting them, you can carve the pumpkin, taking advantage of Mike’s smile. The job is to empty it and put a light inside. In this way, it will give a more dark appearance to your mouth.

6# Painted Pumpkins: Catrina

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

Decorate your Halloween night with the face of Catrina, the popular Mexican skull on Day of the Dead. On a white background painted with an acrylic color, draw the eyes, mouth, nose and decorate your pumpkin. It can be a fun idea to complement your Halloween celebration.

7# Painted Pumpkins: Frankenstein pumpkin

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween
Frankenstein pumpkin

Another monster that you can add to your Painted Pumpkins decoration is Frankenstein. To make this creation, take a pumpkin, no matter the size, green, white and black acrylic paint. You will also need some black cardboard and brushes. Once you have the green pumpkin, paint your eyes, hair, nose, and mouth. Finally, with a little cardboard, draw and trim the character’s screws and attach them with hot glue to the pumpkin.

8# Painted Pumpkins: Emojis

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

A combination of painted and carved pumpkin is this proposal that we bring you to make emojis. The first step to perform them will be to empty the pumpkin from the top. With a cutter or cutting tool, make the eyes and smiles of the different emojis you want to draw. Paint the front yellow and decorate with eyes, hearts, or a fun tongue.

9# Painted Pumpkins: Pumpkin scare

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween
Pumpkin scare

The easiest way to make Painted Pumpkins is the one we propose below. You only need a few self-adhesive letters (you can also make the template and paste it on the pumpkin) and some black paint. Place the letters on the pumpkin and paint the top black. Once the paint is dry, empty the rest over the pumpkin, letting it drip. Let dry and remove the letters. The result will surprise you.

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