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Characteristics of a Youtuber: Get your YouTube badge

In this article, we will tell you what are the characteristics of a YouTuber that will lead you to success and win your first YouTube plaque.

NRC or Net Revenue Churn: What It Is and Why It Matters For Your SaaS Business

In this article, you will understand why SaaS companies go to great lengths to keep the NRC or Net Revenue Churn negative.

Ten Tips for Using Your Smartphone Efficiently: Basic Concepts

Wondering why you should learn to use your smartphone efficiently? Well, I want to share a series of basic ideas any user should be clear.

Bank Transfer: Definition, Types and Classification, and Commissions

Everything you need to know about what a bank transfer is, we tell you its main definition, types and classification, commissions, and more.

Physical Person or Natural Person and a Legal Person

Everything you need to know about physical person or natural person and Legal person, definition, characteristics, differences, examples, ETC.

Business Logistics: What is it, Types, and Examples?

Everything you need to know about what business logistics is, we tell you its main definition, types and classification, examples, and more.

Value Proposition: What is it and what is it for?

Discover the Importance of a Good Value Proposition: Learn What It Is, What It Is For and What You Cannot Miss in a Successful Proposal.

Gamification: What it is and How You Can Add It to Your Digital Marketing Strategies

Discover What is Gamification and How You Can Incorporate It into your Digital Marketing Strategy. Know the Keys to Do It Successfully.

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