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10 Essential Financial Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs

These 10 Essential Financial Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs that will help you to face more clearly the challenge of keeping track of money.

Google Pixel 4 In-depth Analysis, Screen, Battery, Performance, and opinion

Google presented in mid-October the new Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL, arriving with some interesting new features

Apple iPhone 11 Pro in-depth Analysis and Opinion

If you only look at the front of the device, the iPhone 11 Pro has a design identical to that of the iPhone XS, with a screen of 5.8 ″.

11 Tips to Create an Effective Logo Design (+ Examples)

The first thing you should know is starting a logo design from scratch must follow certain rules that have not been written but are implicit

Product Portfolio – Definition, Characteristics, and Planning

Many companies manage their marketing through product portfolio, the elements that make up the company's portfolios are the business units

Financial Audit – Definition, Objectives, Characteristics and Processes

Financial Audit - Definition, Objectives, Characteristics, and Processes as it is responsible for the review of the various annual accounts.

9 Painted Pumpkins to Decorate Your Halloween

Halloween is the typical North American party that has transcended borders and times to become, for better or worse, a global event...

How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Head

Do it yourself: Halloween pumpkin. Tutorial with pictures of how to make a pumpkin head for Halloween

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