Corporate Branding: How to Create an Effective Strategy

I come with a new article, and I am going to talk about corporate branding. And you will think, what does corporate branding consist of?

Storytelling - What is it, How to make it, Types and Examples

Storytelling is a presentation technique used in marketing, through which a story is told to connect with the audience.

Elevator Pitch - What is It, Characteristics, and How to Do It

The elevator pitch, or elevator speech, is a project presentation technique that aims to capture the attention of the listener in the time.

What is the pitch, and How to pitch?

A pitch (or pitch deck) is a presentation technique that is used mainly in meetings with investors, to whom it is intended to sell a project.

Corporate Image - What is It, Elements, Types, Importance, and Examples

The corporate image or corporate identity is the visual representation of the company to the world through different communication elements.

Advertising Campaign - What is It, Types, Process of Creating and Example

An advertising campaign is a strategic marketing process that uses different media to get a message to the target audience.

NPS (Net Promoter Score): What is it and how is it calculated

what Net Promoter Score is and why it is Important that You Evaluate Your Brand's NPS. Learn to Calculate it! Click here and Learn More.

What is Branded Content and How to Use It

We can define branded content as a content strategy produced by the brand itself, with which we seek to provide added value to consumers.

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