If you usually write texts in English, Grammarly helps you avoid grammatical errors automatically.

We will never worry about emphasizing the importance of knowing languages, For Non-Native English Speaking Countries. English is usually the most common option when choosing a new language and it is the goal of many to master this language, with which we can practically communicate anywhere in the world.

If you usually write documents or emails in English, Grammarly is a great extension that automatically analyzes the texts and detects errors of spelling and grammar in English.

Grammarly Corrects Your Texts in English

If we have English configured as our main language in the browser or computer, it is normal for the programs themselves to indicate when we have made a spelling mistake by pointing to the word or words. It occurs in almost all browsers and also in office programs such as Microsoft Office, which include their own dictionaries.

Now, Grammarly goes a step further and makes a grammar analysis of everything we write in English in the browser, so it does not matter where we are writing the text, it can be a new email in Gmail or a message on Facebook/Twitter. It works throughout the web browser.

Being a grammar checker, Grammarly not only detects writing errors in words but also recognizes the context of the sentences to make other recommendations in order to improve our writing in English, such as using alternative adjectives, changing the order of words, add punctuation marks for more comfortable reading and much more.

Grammarly, Write in English Without Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes
Grammarly, Double click on any word

One of the amazing details of Grammarly is that not only dedicated to warn of the failures and provide a solution but also offers the user the explanation of why that is so, so we will learn the errors to avoid them in future occasions.

Grammarly, Write in English Without Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes
Grammarly, correcting spelling errors after clicking on “see more”

Compatible With Computers and Browsers

The application can be downloaded to all PCs and browsers via an extension. You can directly upload your documents to analyze, or check your writings on Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other sites/applications where you write content.

The extension is available for Chrome and when you start it will ask you some basic questions to know what type of users you are, such as the level of English, if it is your main language or not … The number of users who use Grammarly is remarkable, since they are more than 10 million worldwide, in addition, by making us a free account they expand their functions.

Of course, we recommend you to always keep the spell checked and activate it only when you are going to write in English since when writing in other languages you will detect practically any word as incorrect.

As an extra point, Grammarly also has a version for Microsoft Office, so you can download and enjoy that same grammar analysis in Word and Outlook. And, finally, there is also Grammarly for Windows, a desktop application in which we can import any document and also look for errors in English.

An Algorithm That Detects Your Errors

Grammarly has an intelligent algorithm, which detects the errors as soon as it is entered and suggests the appropriate corrections. It deals with grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation mistakes, detailing the reasoning of each correction.

 Grammarly, Write in English Without Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes
Grammarly, correcting spelling errors

You can then correct your mistakes while learning, by pressing “see more” to expand the window and access the explanation. The application highlights your mistakes in red. To correct them, click on the suggested the appropriate correction and the algorithm does the rest.

Grammarly, Write in English Without Spelling Errors and Grammar Mistakes
Grammarly, correcting spelling errors after clicking on “see more”

You can also add words to your personal dictionary. These words will be automatically corrected later on your next entries.

Grammarly offers One Free Option and Two Premium Options

Grammarly already has millions of users. The service is freemium, so it has a free version and another “premium” paid access. For the premium version, two subscription modes are possible:

Premium: From $11.66 per month if billed annually

  • Per month: $ 29.95
  • Per quarter: $ 59.95
  • Year-round: $ 139.95

Business: $15 per month/member, billed annually

For more information, visit Grammarly!

The Official Grammarly Video

Watch the following officially video from grammarly YouTube channel.


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