Job skills or technical skills that are required to develop activities within a company.

What are the hard skills?

Hard skills are those job skills or technical skills that are required to develop certain activities within a company.

The knowledge obtained through undergraduate and graduate academic degrees, courses, or training programs that are part of these skills are decisive in the personnel selection process.

Unlike soft skills, hard skills are easier to quantify and measure and are often obtained through training, professional degrees, courses, etc.

Importance of hard skills

Hard skills are relevant because:

  • They increase the probability of being selected for a certain job.
  • They facilitate understanding between the members of a team, through a specific technical language.
  • They improve productivity in work environments through the use of professional management tools.

Examples of hard skills

Companies demand different types of hard skills:

  • Computer technology: knowing the use of various technologies is essential to have chances of working in a company. The management of management information systems, as well as other digital tools, are fundamental in an increasingly globalized world.
  • Language management: mastering 2 or more languages ​​is essential for professional development in a company.
  • Design: being skilled in handling digital design tools has become a very important hard skill since our world is becoming more virtual every day.
  • Marketing: this discipline studies the behavior of different markets and consumers, and seeks to create value for the company’s current and potential customers.
  • Project management: the development of this skill includes the administration, planning, coordination, monitoring, and control of all the activities and resources assigned for the execution of a project.
  • Web and mobile development: creating websites for the internet is another of the hard skills required. The website with various functionalities (electronic commerce, internal chat, virtual tour, among others) is the company’s virtual window, which is open 24 hours a day to the public in the digital world.
  • Finances: the management and optimization of the cash flows of a company are vital for its operation and survival. Its functions include making payments, collection management, investment placement, obtaining financing for various activities, etc.
  • Spreadsheets and similar: the use of graphical tools, such as Excel-type calculation tables, is essential when applying for a position since they are used for data analysis in all areas of an organization.

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