Home-Based Business - 10 Ideas that reach the client’s home

New information and communication technologies and mobile apps have increased the tendency to purchase products and services over the internet, social networks, and by telephone. And thanks to these, users can receive the purchase directly at their home or office. This has resulted in many companies adopting the home service modality within their operation. And it has also allowed the emergence of home businesses that only work under this concept, due to its profitability and effectiveness.

Home-based businesses are a viable option when you don’t have a very high investment budget or when you need to work from home. So if you want to start with this type of service, take note of the following 10 ideas to sell at home.

10 Home-Based Business ideas that work with home delivery

Homes have made more flexible the way in which businesses serve their customers and, in turn, the way in which they consume and meet needs. Food, clothing, personal care products, and personalized services such as classes or training are some examples of what it is possible to receive in the comfort of home.

Here are ten home service business ideas that you can quickly get started with.

1# Classes and tutorials

We started our list of home businesses with an idea related to educational services. This can be carried out by teachers and professionals with teaching experience. Therefore, if you have training and knowledge in mathematics, science, history, etc. You can start your business by offering classes and tutoring at home. And thus provide support to students who require advice and academic reinforcement.

To start, you must put the maximum effort into promoting your business with different marketing and advertising strategies. You can distribute flyers with information about your services in residential areas, schools, and universities. Also, you can create an informative website or create profiles on social networks and advertise through advertisements.

In this way, you will be able to publicize your business by different means and you will start to have your first clients. Remember to be very clear with the information: specify the hours and rates of your classes depending on the type of counseling and the student’s location.

2# Gardening

The arrangement of gardens is one of the home-based businesses par excellence since people have always been required to move to homes and carry out this work. And this is because many homeowners do not have the time or knowledge to keep a garden fresh and lively. That’s when they hire specialists to take care of the lawns, trees, and plants.

The business is very simple if you have experience in the field since you only have to worry about having the necessary equipment for it. That is, pneumatic scissors, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, brooms, hoes, saws, showers, hoses, pruners, among others. And, of course, a vehicle to transport all the equipment to the customer’s home. In addition, you must invest a certain amount of money to publicize your business and attract the attention of your target audience.

Among the most common services offered by a home gardening business, we have garden design, maintenance, garden reform, and planting. These can be offered to homes, companies, residential complexes, or country houses.

3# Pet care

If you are an animal lover, veterinarian, or specialist in pet care and attention, you can start your own business offering these services at home. Many people go on a trip or have long working hours, so they cannot be 100% aware of their pets.

So they require someone to take care of them, walk them, feed them, play with them, and take care of everything related to their well-being. And nothing better than a person who provides this service directly in the home of the pets so that they feel more comfortable, at ease, and confident.

In addition to basic care and support services, you can offer training, bathing, nail, and hair cutting services, as required by the client. Keep in mind that to offer these extras you must have the necessary supplies for it. Do not forget that each pet is different so the vocation, passion, and love for this work are essential for your business to be successful.

4# House cleaning

This is one of the traditional home business that will never go out of style and will always be in high demand. As with some of the previous businesses, people’s lack of time prevents them from cleaning their houses. This results in an opportunity to start a home cleaning services venture, either as an independent or by setting up a small agency with several colleagues.

You should also promote your services, which you can do by placing advertisements in the newspaper or distributing flyers around your city. And if you want to venture into the digital medium, you can create a website, create company profiles on social networks or publish your business on platforms such as Homely and MyPoppins. These are specialized for cleaning professionals to offer their services.

5# Personal trainer

Exercise and physical training have transcended beyond gyms thanks to personal trainers. These are dedicated to offering personalized services, according to the specific needs of people, directly at their homes. So if you are a fitness par excellence or professional in education and physical training this is your opportunity to earn money with home businesses.

The investment for this venture is minimal, you will only need your knowledge, certain basic gym equipment, and very good publicity. Also, make sure you have a differential value that distinguishes you from the competition. And, if you are able, cover the largest possible audience. That is, it plans and offers routines for young people, adults, seniors, or people with certain conditions or special needs.

6# Sale of cosmetics by catalog

The catalog sale of cosmetics is one of the preferred home-based businesses for people who want to manage their time to their liking and boost their financial independence. Here you have to contact the cosmetic brands that work with the direct sales model and make the request to become a beauty consultant. Some of these brands are Avon, Natura, and Mary Kay, which offer commission percentages that range between 25% and 50% on the net sales of their consultants.

Once you apply to become a consultant, you will need to purchase a starter kit and place your first order to start selling. It is a fast and simple business with which you can earn a good sum of money if you achieve high sales per month.

Initially, you can offer the products to your family, friends, and neighbors, delivering the products at home. Then you can expand by offering the products through social networks or using the online store tools provided by the brands.

7# Online clothing and accessories store

E-commerce platforms and online stores have transformed the way we buy clothes and accessories. Nowadays, with just one click and an online payment method, it is possible to buy everything we want without leaving home and safely. This has allowed hundreds of companies to evolve their business model and adopt online sales with home delivery as a new strategy. Adapting to new market trends and serving the needs of increasingly digitized consumers.

That is why setting up an online clothing and accessories store is one of the most profitable home-based businesses with the greatest probability of success. Here, you will only need the initial investment of the stock of products and hire a professional to take charge of the assembly of your e-commerce platform. Well, clearly, you must invest in online marketing strategies to launch your new business and attract the attention of your target audience.

It is important that you do market research to know what type of products you are going to sell. You can choose between marketing fashion products for women, men, youth, children, or adults, and based on this start the search for the best suppliers.

8# Childcare

Childcare is one of the services most requested by families of all kinds, as many of them require support in the tasks related to their children. Therefore, if you are a pedagogical professional, pediatrician, nanny, or child assistant, it means that you can take advantage of these skills to start a home business. Among the services to be offered are education, care, recreation, counseling, and training for parents.

Here, you can work together with other professionals and set up a small child care agency to serve several services at the same time. It is also important that you establish base rates per hour depending on the type of service. And that you stay in constant training to guarantee quality and build trust in parents.

Finally, do not forget to invest in advertising to make yourself known, first in the area where you live and thus gain your first customers. After that, you can start expanding your business throughout the city.

9# Food delivery

The sale of meals at home has gained much popularity in recent years thanks to applications such as UberEATS. Which has made it easier for people to find more practical alternatives to eat within the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This, in turn, has influenced the birth of many home-based businesses that are dedicated to the sale of food only by this modality. And even without having a restaurant open to the public, they handle a significant volume of sales per day.

So if you want to be part of this business, you can offer from fast foods, lunches, and breakfasts, to typical food, vegetarian, or fitness. Also, you can design a varied menu for all types of audiences and combine all these alternatives.

Here, it is important that you promote your business in residential and commercial areas that are close to where you live and that you launch promotions to motivate the purchase. In addition, you must have at least 2 couriers so that you can make several deliveries at the same time. Do not forget to promote your food delivery business also through the different digital channels and do everything possible to be recognized in your area.

10# Home massages

Instead of going to a beauty center or a Spa, many people prefer to request massage services to be cared for at home. Either due to time issues, because they require rest, or simply because they feel more comfortable in their homes. The case here is that if you are a physiotherapist or professional in aesthetics and beauty you can take advantage of this demand and venture into home-based businesses in this way.

The advantage of this business is that it does not require a large investment because if you have the experience and have worked on it, you will surely have the necessary elements to provide a quality service.

As in all the businesses on this list, investment in marketing and advertising is essential to make yourself known and grow your business. Whether through print or digital media, make sure you have a presence on different channels. You can get the attention of your target audience by launching 2 × 1 promotions. This way you will consolidate your client portfolio while gaining recognition.

Final words

As we have seen, home businesses are an excellent alternative to start a business quickly and with a small budget. However, you should keep in mind that these also require planning, research, and a lot of publicity. But if you articulate all the elements well and work on your differential value, you will surely be recognized and you will start selling very soon.

We hope this list will motivate you to start your venture, tell us in the comments, are you interested in any of these ideas? Do you know other home businesses that we can include here?

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