Lebanese Fattoush Salad Recipe

At home, I still make many refreshing salads. They are also craving other types of stews, but salads are still my food for more than a day, it is what you want most. Today, I bring you the recipe for the Lebanese Fattoush Salad Recipe.

The Fattoush salad is of Lebanese origin and has many variations depending on the area and the family that prepares it, but they all have in common the use of tomato and other chopped vegetables and chopped pita bread, as is, fried or toasted.

To make this salad I have based on Ottolenghi’s recipe from the book Jerusalem, but with some variations, adapting it more to what I had tried, where the kitchen has a lot of Lebanese influence.

It is a very refreshing salad, very pleasant to eat and quite satisfies when carrying bread. I usually do it when I have some piece of pita bread overnight, or defrost any that I have especially to make it. I love!

Lebanese Fattoush Salad Recipe

And you, did you know this salad? Have you ever tried any salad with roasted or unroasted bread?

Ahmed Ismail
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