Currently the strategies that are implemented in marketing plans usually aim to increase business opportunities and potential customers. However, regardless of the goals to be achieved, ROI is an element that we must always keep in mind.

And as technology constantly provides us with new ways to enhance our actions and reach, instant messaging tools have shown very good results.

Email marketing, chatbots and even applications such as WhatsApp Business allow us to have effective and efficient communication with our clients. But like any marketing strategy, this one also has its challenges and considerations.

So, if you want to know how to make the best decision in your marketing tools regarding ROI , read on.

Here we tell you the main points you should consider in a marketing strategy focused on ROI and in the implementation of messaging tools in your company. Let us begin!

The Marketing objective should never deviate from the sale

In order to talk about the most effective marketing strategies for your company, you must first clarify some points about the marketing objectives.

The objectives and approaches of a marketing plan are widely numerous and will always depend on the characteristics of the clients of each company. This is why marketing strategies encompass so many possibilities and ranges of action.

However, something that we must never forget is that whatever the objective of our marketing campaign, it should always be related to sales. As with enhancing the increase in business opportunities .

With this we do not mean that positioning or brand image actions are left aside. But any marketing plan must be developed for the benefit of the company’s sales.

We clearly know that one of the main objectives of current marketing is to increase our flow of potential customers and provide them with good experiences. But this is not by chance either.

Satisfied customers are those who become recurring and the most likely to accept your loyalty actions. Being such a large consumer population, we must take the necessary actions to keep them happy. Again: for the benefit of sales.

As you will see, any marketing action that is well planned and executed will directly or indirectly affect sales. And this is how it should be. Remember that the sales and marketing department must work together to promote the development of the company.

At the same time, any strategy or measure that we use in the company must respond to a correct use of resources. Keeping an updated ROI calculation allows us to be aware of the effectiveness and profitability of our marketing actions.

This is why the strategies that we want to use in our marketing plan cannot be isolated points. All must be related and work in synergy to guarantee efficient and sustainable results.

Why are instant messaging tools important to your sales?

Instant messaging tools have a long history in marketing strategies. We could say that email marketing and process automation were the first steps towards developing the implementation of instant messaging.

However, advances in technology offer us more and more options with efficient results to maintain good communication with our clients.

But why is having a good communication strategy so important? Because customers seek to have satisfactory experiences with the brand and that it invites them to make the sale.

When a customer gets prompt and timely attention to their concerns or wishes, they will be closer to consolidating the purchase. And this is where messaging tools come in.

The chatbots are one of the most popular and effective in the automatic communication. Using artificial intelligence, they can maintain a fluid conversation with customers, answer any questions and even guide you through the processes necessary for the purchase.

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging applications with the most users in the world and its adaptation of WhatsApp Business gives companies a new opportunity to offer timely communication.

It is still a very recent tool, so there are no conclusive results on its effectiveness. However, according to studies carried out by Messenger People , due to the large number of platform users, companies have a very wide range of campaign reach.

And considering that investing in instant messaging strategies tend to have lower costs compared to other marketing techniques, the ROI is usually positive.

Messaging marketing strategies usually have an ROI that is related to engagement, reach, CTR, etc. But each company must raise well the indicators that best fit it to have an objective calculation.

Again, the success of the marketing plan will depend a lot on how the strategy is executed. We must remember that messaging is an effective way to attract potential customers as long as we do it properly. A saturation of shipments can generate results contrary to those desired.

So why and how should we use these tools to draw up the marketing plan with the sales factor always present?

Any element that we can add to our marketing plan and that increases our business opportunities is something that we should not ignore. Especially when this will allow us to stay ahead of new marketing trends.

But as we have already seen, ROI is a fundamental element to decide for any action or planning. So we must keep this in mind to execute the marketing plan effectively.

No marketing strategy will be really positive for our company if we cannot manage it with good use of resources. This not only means that it has efficient planning and execution, it also means that it is profitable and with a good return on investment.

Understanding this point will be vital for the development and growth of the company, which, like sales, has the same final objective: to benefit finances.

This and all the tools that we want to implement must be related to the requirements of the company and its clients. Not all strategies work for everyone, but there are certain points that can help you design a path towards ROI.

How to increase ROI in your marketing strategy?

If you want to develop a marketing plan that is focused on efficient ROI management , these are some points to consider:

Identify the objectives

Any campaign that wants to have positive results must have its objectives well defined and the public to which it will be directed. This also has to do with the tools that you will use to achieve your goals.

When you know the approach you will give to your actions and what results you want to obtain with them, you will be able to choose the best strategy.

Specific KPIs

If you already have defined the objectives you want to achieve, you can define the KPIs that best suit your approach. There is a huge range of measurement KPIs that you can choose from for your strategy, but measuring more does not mean measuring better.

You don’t need to have a list of 20 indicators that don’t connect with your goals. Make an objective selection of your indicators in order to have a more accurate measurement.

Focus on your audience

Just as it is not good that you have many KPIs that do not give you objective information, you should not make content for an audience that is not your target audience.

You must do everything possible to maintain the correct focus on your potential customers and thus generate special and adapted content for them.

Leveling tests

It is likely that the strategy you have decided to implement is not giving the results you expect, or that it is simply not the most suitable for you. That is why you should do some leveling tests to help you define the best way forward.

By this we mean applying the desired strategy with a small population or with a controlled group of clients. So you can have a first approximation about the results of your actions and know what you should keep and what you should change.

Steady improvement

The tools and actions that work well for you today may not work for you tomorrow. So it is vital that you keep an open mind to change and that you adapt easily to various circumstances that may arise.

Change and adaptation will not only prepare you to face various challenges in your company, they will also allow you to always be at the forefront of new trends.

Keys to consider about ROI

As you may have already noticed, creating a marketing strategy based on ROI will not depend so much on the tools you use. The biggest determinant will be the approach with which you develop the marketing plan.

Similarly, there are certain things you should consider when implementing an ROI- focused strategy . Some of them are:

  • ROI is not fixed. ROI will change from company to company. This occurs depending on the needs of the same at the time. What works for you may not necessarily work for others.
  • Time is also an investment. Perhaps this is one of the most erroneously underrated resources. Time must be included in the ROI, since it also determines the profitability and sustainability of the actions.
  • Long-term ROI is not the same as short-term. You should define well the timing of your measurements to have an objective and clear analysis.
  • Every business is unique. Don’t try to get the results of your competitors. Each one should be governed by their own objectives and KPIs. Enjoy individuality and find your own concept of success.
  • Keep the focus on conversion. Increasing your website traffic is not the same as increasing sales. Keep actions focused on what represents a real benefit for the company.
  • Success depends on execution. To execute a good strategy you need a good team. Do not leave your planning in inexperienced hands, as you could have great losses of resources.

In conclusion, the strategies that we implement in our marketing plan will always be in a flow of changes and we must adapt to it.

The instant messaging is just one of the many tools that technology provides us access to direct and simple way to our customers. However, like any tool, it must be used with some care and responsibility.

One of the points that we must always keep in mind is that it is not necessary to make many complex efforts to achieve success. The correct operation of marketing strategies is achieved much easier than you think, but you must have what it takes to achieve it.

A prepared team in constant training will be your best work tool, since it will allow you to guide yourself on the best path to achieve your objectives. Always with a correct use of resources and taking care of the profitability and sustainability of the company.

The ROI is an indicator that gives us more light on whether our actions are the most appropriate for our company. So it is a point that we must all consider.

All this gives us a good starting point to analyze our situation. Is your company developing a cutting-edge marketing plan? Do you have a good management of your ROI?

If the answers are negative, don’t worry. Today is a good day to start . Success!


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