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What is Parental Control and what tools to use to protect your children on the Internet?

Thanks to Parental Control, you can keep your children protected from the dangers of the Internet.

The Best Free Antivirus for Android, Protect Your Mobile to the Maximum

The Google application store has an immense catalog of apps, and a large part of them are dedicated to computer security. Finding a good...

The CamScanner app, with more than 100M downloads, hides a Trojan

The application in the topic is CamScanner app and, for a while, it was a legitimate application that allowed you to scan and store documents

The Best Youtube Alternative – Top 5 Youtube Alternatives

YouTube is the most used platform to play videos online. However, this service, owned by Google, has some restrictions that do not...

The Best Android Lock Screen Applications (PIN, Footprint, Patron)

Currently, there are several android lock screen applications that allow you to protect your Android phone from intruders or any accidental change that activates the functions or applications of your cell phone.

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