It never hurts to be careful and be prepared for the worst scenario with some of The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android.

The mobile phone market continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Seeing how everything is increasing even more with the already popular low-end, mid-range and high-end.

The sacrifice and effort that it costs us to buy a mobile phone of any type give us great satisfaction since at that moment we know that we are taking a totally new device that meets our tastes.

Although these feelings can become impotence, fear or nerves when some malicious person steals our mobile or we simply leave it lying to its own devices in some establishment.

Although each country has better or worse controls regarding the cases in which our device has been lost or stolen. It never hurts to be careful and be prepared for the worst scenario with some of The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android.

Sometimes it can happen that we forget the phone somewhere and we depend on a kind soul to find it and look for us to return it if we are lucky.

Currently, there are applications to track an Android mobile through technologies such as GPS, which makes it much easier to find the device. They are The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android…

Do you want to know how to find a lost mobile? or How to locate a stolen mobile? Here are The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android…

The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android

Find my device – Google

The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android

Find my device is one of the best phone tracker apps for Android. It is integrated into Android phones, so you do not have to install anything, it is automatically activated by adding a Google account to the mobile phone.

So breathe easy, that even if you have not previously installed any application, you will be able to locate your lost mobile.

The operation of the web version of finding my Google device could not be easier. On the right side, we have a basic version of Google Maps that shows us the exact point where our mobile phone is located, highlighted with a gray icon.

While on the left side, we have a small panel of options, through which we can make an alert call to the mobile thanks to the “Play Sound” function. This will make the mobile ring for about five minutes, even if it is turned off.

On the other hand, ” find my device ” gives us the possibility of gaining time in the process of locating the mobile through the section “Enable, Block and Delete”, which as its name indicates, allows us to restrict certain functions or directly delete sensitive data from the phone in case it is in unpleasant hands.

In the upper left part, we can access the last route traveled with the device and also the percentage of battery that it has, all in real-time.

In case we are not in front of a computer, as is already so common in these times, we have the option to install its mobile version from Google Play.

What it offers us is quite acceptable as far as the user interface is concerned. Showing simple options, big buttons and fairly fast operation, ingredients that are extremely vital when we panic and want to locate the mobile.

But unfortunately, not everything is perfect, because the application suffers from the same handicap as many others of its kind.

It does not work if the lost devices are not connected to the Internet, making it practically impossible to keep track of it and therefore see what the last routes traveled with the device have been.

And although there are malicious people when taking our things they are not very aware of what they should do on the technological level and thus avoid being caught. We also have others quite awake in the matter and who unfortunately will know what to do and what not to do when taking something that is not theirs.

This application is very little known, unlike the application at Apple, which has been given much more publicity.

It is a simple app that effectively meets the objective of locating a mobile.

You do not even need to know your phone to locate the mobile by number. By remembering the username and password of the Google account to which the mobile is associated, it is enough.

Cerberus – The best App to locate mobile

The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android

Cerberus is also one of the best phone tracker apps for Android. It is an app that simply cannot be missed. Being this perhaps the most downloaded app by users around the world when protecting a device in case it is lost or theft occurs.

It is considered by the Android community as one of the best applications for the aforementioned purposes. Because over the years and its different versions it has been perfected to offer an almost perfect level of protection. And we say “almost” because 100% perfection really doesn’t exist. But the team behind Cerberus has definitely done an exceptional job, something to be recognized.

We see options to request a password if you want to delete the app (perfect for those malicious people who know the app and want to delete it after stealing our device), the excellent option of blocking the computer shut down by disabling the power button, among others.

The highlight of this app is that it allows you to perform a series of tasks remotely. In other words, control the phone from another location and silently. This is done through the Cerberus website, where you have your panel with your devices or you can also send orders by SMS, that is, if the phone does not have an Internet connection, you will also be able to control it by text message.

Other interesting functions that Cerberus offers us is to make a copy of all the files to a Google Drive account, which as we know, must be synchronized to the services of our smartphones in advance through a Gmail profile.

It also offers a remote wipe option. This is like a ring finger if we have sensitive information on our mobile and for some strange reason, we have not set an unlock password.

Although of course, this is something that must be done quickly. Since criminals generally target the user’s personal data first, to copy it to other media and thus initiate a theft process.

Another interesting and quite efficient section that we can see in Cerberus is that of ”Automatic photo capture”, in which we can see options such as:

  • Screen color. Here we can choose between two background colors, one black or one white when we order our mobile to take a picture of the smartphone that has been stolen from our mobile.
  • Incorrect unlock code. This option makes our mobile take a photo automatically if the malicious user incorrectly enters the password, PIN number or unlock pattern.
  • Failed attempts. In this option, we will be able to put a limit on the failed attempts to unlock the mobile, so if this limit is exceeded, Cerberus will immediately take a photo of the criminal.
  • Alarm stopped. Basically what this option does is take a photo of the user if the user stops some of the mobile’s alarms while the user tries to hide, for example.
  • Message discarded. Cerberus takes a photo of the user if the user ignores the alerts.

Other options that we find in Cerberus we see in its section “SIM Verifier”.

In this section, we can add a list of SIM cards authorized to receive alerts from the stolen device in question.

You can also check the way in which such alerts will be sent, such as through the location of the device. The information of the SIM card, direct to the email and in addition to this, send them by SMS messages in case the terminal is not receiving a WiFi signal, something that many of us appreciate in this type of situation.

This application also has functions to send the location of the device when the percentage of its battery is reaching the minimum. Initiate an ” emergency mode ” if it is detected that the mobile is leaving a geographically delimited area, which we have previously established, among others.

With this tracking app, you can erase all the data from the SD or from the internal memory of the phone, record audio, make it ring, get information from the inserted SIM card, the operator, list of last calls, really very complete.

The only bad thing about Cerberus is that it is paid. You can try it for free for a week. The price is 5 euros a year for a device, very cheap considering the functionalities of the app.

Prey Anti-Theft

Prey is Chilean security software that started as a web service. But that later saw space in the Android ecosystem. An ecosystem that for 2009 (the year the service was launched) already gave indications that it would continue to grow to levels not imaginable at the time.

It is quite efficient software, being considered by many users as a true alternative to Cerberus. Software that currently wears the crown when it comes to security on mobile devices.

We can use Prey through the website or its application. Showing in both cases a really friendly interface and as easy to understand as possible. Since not all users want to complicate themselves by accessing all kinds of drop-down menus. Especially in cases in which panic reigns due to the loss of that precious mobile phone that has cost us so much money.

Because Prey is as complete as other robust software on the market, here we show you a list with some of its most relevant features.

  • Geographic location. Prey is able to use WiFi hotspots to send data to the user about their geographical location at a certain time.
  • Sending data using GPS. You can send information about your location thanks to the same mobile GPS. While it is true that this feature is nothing out of the ordinary, it is still appreciated.
  • Auto WiFi connection. As its name implies, what the Prey app does is to try to connect to any WiFi network that is as close as possible.
  • Reporting system. Prey offers a detailed report on any changes made to apps that are running, changes to files, mobile usage time, among others.
  • Alert system. This option is especially interesting since it allows us to send intimidating messages to the offender in order to inform them that they are being abused, in case we have already made a formal complaint to the police, of course.

As it is aimed at finding stolen mobiles, the tracking app allows you to locate the location of a device. With the option to block the system or certain parts such as folders with a password.

Prey remains as a guardian in the background and can be activated from Prey’s website.

Once activated we can report the device as stolen and it will tell us the location. You will also take a screenshot and a photo with the front camera, this last option is very useful to know the face of our thief.

The free version of Prey allows you to locate up to 3 mobiles, if we have more, we must access payment plans.

Lost Android

Lost Android is an app to locate mobiles totally free and very complete, although quite simple in appearance. It allows us to perform multiple actions to try to recover our device.

Lost Android
Lost Android
Developer: Theis Borg
Price: Free+
  • Lost Android Screenshot
  • Lost Android Screenshot

With this app, you can locate your Android device from the developer’s website, it also allows SMS commands to control the device by SMS.

Allows you to locate the mobile phone on a map, take a photo with the front camera, send a text and the phone transforms it into voice saying it at full volume, enter, modify or review the files on the phone, delete everything, read messages and much plus.

Possibly the most complete free mobile locator application.

Family Locator

Family locator is a somewhat different app from others. It is intended to create groups of people or circles of trust with which to share location data.

The app works by configuring the mobiles of the people we are interested in to know their location.

This, in turn, allows network members to set up a route to a specific destination, and track to see if the person arrives, and gives an alert if the person stops.

It is a good app to locate your mobile. With the plus of obtaining extra protection for our family. Designed for the oldest and youngest of our family.

Zoemob Family Locator

This app to locate a mobile phone is designed to be used by parents who want to see where their children are, it works with or without GPS.

Zoemob Family Locator
Zoemob Family Locator
Developer: ZoeMob
Price: Free+
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot
  • Zoemob Family Locator Screenshot

The good thing is that it allows you to find any mobile phone, showing the location on a map. With the added bonus of being a link that gives security to parents when the little ones are away from home.

The app also deals with providing alerts when the mobile phone has a low battery and also reports from different locations.

There are people who still do not agree with so much control, but surely more than one parent will love this app.

Watch Droid Assistant

Watch Droid is an application that is built for the sole purpose of helping us find a GPS phone quite easily. Using the mobile’s GPS device, in case your mobile has been stolen or lost.

Watch Droid Assistant
Watch Droid Assistant
Developer: Lumatic Software
Price: Free
  • Watch Droid Assistant Screenshot
  • Watch Droid Assistant Screenshot
  • Watch Droid Assistant Screenshot
  • Watch Droid Assistant Screenshot
  • Watch Droid Assistant Screenshot

It works by sending the GPS location via email, which must be configured when installing the application.

A useful option is that it allows you to establish a schedule where the app has to be activated, to start tracking the mobile phone.


It is true that many users live in fairly quiet countries or regions where the crime rate is extremely low. So sometimes we come to trust that such situations never touch us.

But the reality is that accidents happen. Anyone can have any trouble either leaving the mobile somewhere without realizing it or being part of that minimum percentage that at some point suffers a protected theft.

So it never hurts to be careful and be prepared for the worst scenario with some of The Best Phone Tracker Apps For Android.

Have you lost or had your mobile stolen?

Have you used an app to locate your mobile?

Tell us about your experience in the comments.


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