What are the best applications to scan documents on Android and iOS?

Digitizing physical documents is a great help when you need to share them electronically. This can be done using a scanner, but their size does not allow them to be easily transported anywhere. To solve this problem, there are applications compatible with Android and iOS operating systems that act as a portable scanner. It is only necessary to focus on the mobile camera on the document.

Among the advantages that these apps have, is the possibility of saving the files in the cloud. If you want to have more information on this topic, continue reading this article until the end.

What type of documents can I scan with my Android or iOS mobile?

Any physical document can be scanned using an Android or iOS mobile scanner app. To do this, you will need to know the size of the document sheets and the amount of them. This is important for you to know since there are apps that limit the number of pages.

The main documents that can be scanned are the following:

  • Documents printed on Letter, Legal, Letter size sheets, etc.
  • Documents printed on extra-official sheets.
  • Receipts of all kinds.
  • Invoices.
  • Personal letters.
  • Any writing made on sheets of custom sizes.
  • Posters.
  • Posters.
  • Triptychs and diptychs.

List of the best applications to scan documents on Android and iOS

The apps that we will show you below are characterized because they can be installed very easily, they are light and very robust when you need to digitize a document quickly. When installing an application to scan documents, it is important to consider three factors. These are the ease of scanning the pages, the maximum number of sheets scanned per document and the output format options. This will help you choose the ideal application for you.

Google drive

Many people underestimate Google Drive, unaware of its function as a document scanner. This application allows you to carry out a scanning process, optimizing the photograph to improve the reading of the document. You will be able to scan documents of all types of sizes, from small invoices to acrylic boards, allowing the application to recognize the edges of what you want to scan.

A great advantage of using Google Drive to scan documents is that you can share it with your Google Drive account to store it among your documents. You can also share it with other users or simply convert it into documents of different formats. In case you don’t want to convert what you have scanned, you can store it in JPEG format. It is available for any Android and iOS mobile and its download is free.

Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+
‎Google Drive
‎Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

Microsoft Office Lens

Lens is one of the most versatile options that you can use if you want to scan all kinds of documents that you may have on hand. It improves the image of the photograph for much more comfortable reading and will allow you to convert the result into PDF. You will be able to share them with your Microsoft account and you can use them in Office applications.

You can choose if you are scanning invoices, or printed documents, among others. This will allow the image to be better read, depending on the source format you are scanning. This is one of the best applications available for Android and iOS.

Adobe Scan

It is considered one of the best apps with which you can scan any type of document. A great advantage that it has is that it will allow you to convert any document you scan to PDF format, making high-quality scans with the application’s photographic enhancement algorithm. You can also share it in different apps.

Its use is very easy so that anyone will have an excellent scanner in their hands. You just have to open the app and position the camera for the application to read the document, scanning it when it is recognized. You can fix the edges if the document is a different size than the scanned one.

‎Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner
‎Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner


If you want to scan and then share all kinds of documents and store them in the cloud, Cam Scanner is an application for you. With the push of a button, you can synchronize all the documents you scan with your service in Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. The process is simple and allows you to back up the document on your device.

You can add watermarks to ensure that the document is not duplicated, an option that few applications have. Also, you can put a key and so that only you can read the document.

Doc Scanner

Among the best and most popular applications to scan all kinds of documents you can find Doc Scanner. This app allows you to scan from invoices or small notes to advertising banners with great ease. As long as you can position the document in the camera and the application will recognize it.

You will be able to synchronize your storage applications with Doc Scanner with simple steps. This will allow you to directly save the scanned document in the cloud. If you want to unlock different additional functions that will allow you to have the full potential of a professional scanner, you can request a paid version for Android and iOS.

Clear Scan

Clear Scan allows you to scan all types of documents regardless of the size or shape of the sheet. In case they are personalized, you just have to configure the application to recognize the edges and voila, you can scan any type of document with great ease.

This app allows you to share all types of files and you can save them to Google Drive or Dropbox. After scanning the different pages of your document, you can choose to convert them into JPEG images or put them together to compile them into a single PDF document.

‎ClearScanner : Fast Scanning
‎ClearScanner : Fast Scanning

Fast Scanner

This app has all the conventional options that the best applications for scanning documents have, with the difference that it is optimized for documents and photographs.

Everything you scan, you can convert it into PDF to share more easily, or have JPG images to share only the ones you want. Among the most outstanding functions is the possibility of being able to print directly through printers with WiFi connection. And if you wish, you will be able to send the scanned information via Fax.

‎Fast Scanner : PDF Doc Scan
‎Fast Scanner : PDF Doc Scan

Evernote Scannable

It is an application that emerged with the function of being able to scan all types of documents with high quality and with the highest possible speed. To do this, you just have to position the document on a table and start scanning with your Android or iOS device to obtain the best images in a single document.

With this app you will be able to optimize the images, improving the readability of the documents and allowing greater ease of reading than in the original document itself. If you don’t want to convert them into PDF documents, you can get them in JPG format.

‎Evernote Scannable
‎Evernote Scannable
Developer: Evernote
Price: Free

Genius Scan

Genius Scan has positioned itself in both the Android and iOS markets as one of the best applications available to scan all types of documents of different sizes. It will allow you to convert the scanned images to other types of documents and share them through the different messaging applications just by clicking on the correct option.

This application is ideal for students who need to scan university notes since it does not have a page limit per document. It will allow you to scan all kinds of documents regardless of their length.

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner
Genius Scan - PDF Scanner


ScanBot is one of the most versatile document scanning applications available for Android and iOS. The quality of the documents is very good, allowing the information in the document to be read even more easily than in the original document. This is due to the work your photo optimization system does.

It is very versatile so you will be able to scan any type of document. A great advantage of this application is that it will allow you to send all the information you scan via Fax.

SwiftScan - PDF Document Scanner
SwiftScan - PDF Document Scanner
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