Before mentioning the types of administration, it must be defined that the administration is a discipline that is in charge of leading and distributing all kinds of human and material resources. It is also defined as the science in charge of studying various organization techniques, management, planning, and execution of resources with maximum efficiency.

The administration has existed since ancient times as a result of the need for an efficient distribution of agricultural resources in society, in addition to the importance of accounting for the agricultural and labor distribution adequately and thus facilitating the execution of both productive activities and human.

Today the administration is related in all financial, economic, and governmental systems to manage human and material resources in all areas of society. It can be said that these are specific efficient rules and actions so that there is a better distribution of resources in general.

Management objectives

When a company is created, it is necessary to have an administrator capable of maintaining good leadership and knows how to make the appropriate decisions for the company’s active development. And thus can lead it to have excellent work and organizational development, to you can achieve the planned goals.

For these objectives to be achieved, some excellent tools such as the following must be taken into account:

Effectively manage competition and a sense of belonging.
Maintain constant innovation in work techniques.

Management elements

For the administration to be efficient, it is necessary to take into account a series of elements such as the following:

  • Nodal Center: It is assigned to carry out the administration planning and the total execution of projects.
  • Control Step: This element allows the executed activities to be carried out efficiently through simultaneous evaluations.
  • Evaluation: Determines the characteristics in general, to improve the functions that benefit the administration.
  • Coordination: It is a process that unifies the parts of the system once the activities to be executed are established.

Administration functions

Proper administration requires efficient operation in the execution of its process of activities, among its functions are:


For an efficient administration, it is necessary to carry out a proper project planning. A plan must be carried out that determines the objectives and strategies that make the project useful.

For this, it is required to carry out an investigation related to the eventualities of the company and to focus directly on the project and improve its deficiencies for better operation in the company.


This point is necessary so that the administrator can carry out his objectives and create a joint plan of qualified personnel, which allows him to carry out an order on excellent deficiency management so that the project develops effectively and in the shortest possible time.


One of the administrator’s functions is that he must maintain adequate control in all the activities carried out during the development of the project and its objectives. This control is essential, especially when there are improvements or deficiencies in the project to make the necessary modifications.


The manager’s performance should demonstrate leadership towards other employees, be aware of their needs, and motivate them to do an excellent job to achieve definite objectives.

Types of administration

The administration can be classified in different ways. And everything will depend on the approach with which it is executed or the area in which it operates. It can be according to the type of company, the economic or mercantile system, fiscal, financial, manufacturing areas, among other fields that it exercises. The company. The types of administration include the following:

Public administration

Public administration is related to the institutional political domain, aligned with the processes and activities that lead to the classification, planning, and order of the developed resources within public institutions.

These institutions can be entities or dependencies that belong to the local, regional, or national government system, and their function is to conduct resources efficiently, through executions of legal activities.

In this type of administration, it is the public employees who are in charge of channeling and distributing the resources that belong to a particular country to satisfy society’s needs through public services, such as the provision of water, construction infrastructure, and maintenance of health entities.

Private administration

In the private administration, the planning, management, and distribution of the different resources that belong to all the institutions that are not related to the State are developed, as is the case of companies, shops, businesses, factories, and other business organizations a private.

Mixed administration

It is that administration developed within the decentralized and autonomous institutions, which need the State’s participation. However, they carry out their autonomy in the same way as private companies.

Some decentralized institutions acquire state resources, these being administered without being questioned by the state entity since they are autonomous in carrying out their activities and distributing the resources at their discretion despite the influence on some particular factors of state guidelines.

Some mixed administration companies manage resources and capital to carry out the same project.

Importance of administration

Its importance is directly due to the improvement of the company or the organization with which the development of an efficient project is being carried out. For this, it is necessary to hire the service of a good administrator who can do effective management so that he can control any situation or deficiency that allows a possible loss.

The administration is in charge of coordinating and imposing specific objectives in a particular project in development. Therefore, within it, actions must be carried out that motivate the well-being and growth of the company and, in turn, provide and increase profits in the project. It is running.


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