It is necessary to take into account the Worker’s Rights that working people have regarding their pay, benefits, and employment relationships. It is worth mentioning that a worker’s right will be a duty for an employer; this is reciprocal.

Currently, the world is going through a pandemic called COVID-19, something really unexpected, which undoubtedly affects our physical, social, and economic integrity.

Aware of this reality, many companies, businesses, and institutions worldwide have ended their employment relationship with their workers. In other cases, these companies, businesses, and institutions have resorted to modifying their working hours to recover or maintain themselves.

In this sense, it is necessary to remember the worker’s rights :

  • Every individual has the right to work.
  • Every individual is entitled to the same pay for the same working day, without distinction.
  • Every worker has the right to an equitable salary.
  • Every individual has the right to form unions to protect his interests.

What are the Worker’s Rights?

It is necessary to take into account the Worker’s Rights that working people have regarding their pay, benefits, and employment relationships. It is worth mentioning that a worker’s right will be a duty for an employer; this is reciprocal.

The rights to be considered are:

Right to effective slaughter

The worker has the right to safe work, for which the company, business, or institution must offer its worker sufficient conditions, covered in the employment contract.

The professional functions of the worker must be respected. The employer cannot deny the worker that he complies with the provision of his service, except in cases such as those that we are facing today, the pandemic that has paralyzed most of the activities of companies, businesses, and institutions due to the imminent danger of contagion.

It is important to mention that the worker can petition the court for the company to fulfill its indemnity obligations, or request the termination of the employment contract for breach of the company’s unemployment agreements.

Right to promotion and training on the job

This right means that the worker can have knowledge of the organization system, the professional scale of the company, and approve the development mechanisms, professional preparation, level promotions or promotions, and economic improvements.

Right to physical integrity and dignity

The laws that protect the workers agree on the management of guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of the worker in the workplace, and considering the protection of any aggression that could affect the privacy and dignity of the worker, demanding respect from their colleagues and bosses—your integrity as a person.

Right not to be discriminated against to carry out a job

The workers’ statutes determine that there should be no exclusion for reasons of racial origin, sex, age, civil status, or religious belief, as determined in these laws.

People who have a disability but have the conditions to carry out a job, should not be rejected or discriminated against.

Right to receive your agreed salary on time

Workers must receive payment of their wages by the employment contract provisions, on the scheduled date and at the place established promptly.

Basic Worker’s Rights

There are fundamental Worker’s Rights, which are contained within different legal norms. Companies must consider their compliance to prevent sanctions, whether due to ignorance, they may be compromised for not understanding the importance of worker rights.

Decent job

Workers have the right to a job with the right conditions and environments for their work performance.


According to the signed contract, the worker has the right to a paid rest for each year of work, to later return to perform their duties, if the worker fails to comply, he may be sanctioned or removed from his job.

Sick leave or medical disability

According to the provisions of the statutes and the agreement of the labor contract, the worker can have a few days off due to illness or accident. In any situation, he must be notified with medical proof to the company.

Social benefits

These are rights that workers have by law, which means recognizing the company or employer towards the workers agreed in the labor contract, service premiums, severance interests, vacation pay, bonuses, bonuses, or utilities, among others.

Worker’s rights for a pregnant woman

  • Companies must comply with what the laws establish and what is signed in the contract by the company and the worker.
  • They cannot be fired from their job while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • They are entitled to paid rest during the lactation period.

To ensure that these rights are valid and functional to handle the current situation that affects humanity correctly, it is necessary to find the best way for labor negotiation, managing to demonstrate skills and establishing sustainable agreements, favoring the taking of decisions between the parties involved.


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