The administrative management refers to the set of activities carried out in order to run a company through pipelines coming from the resources, effort, and different tasks performed.

Thanks to its ability to coordinate and control the various actions and roles that are carried out within the company, it is possible to achieve the proposed objectives and prevent possible problems that may arise.

Proper administrative management favors appropriate systematic management and obtaining the results that benefit the company. This process is essential since it helps the company contemplate all the processes and necessary means to achieve the objectives, and any adverse effect is reduced.

Characteristics of administrative management

This type of procedure comprises a series of characteristics, such as the following:

  • It is considered an art in the world of finance.
  • From the administrative point of view, analyze any company’s decision related to trade policy, product value, investments, and budgets, among others.
  • Optimize process management to facilitate job execution efficiently.
  • It manages to coordinate and motivate people and thus achieve both individual and collective goals.
  • It produces an economically stable society to improve social norms.

Administrative management functions

Within this management, there are certain functions so that the objectives are achieved through people in conjunction with other resources; among these functions, the following can be contemplated:


This is the primary function of this process, where stages have developed that consist of projecting goals, determining all the necessary resources, defining the objectives, and classifying the activities that must be carried out in determining periods.


It consists of basic training that distributes the economic and human resources that the company has at its disposal to be able to do an excellent job development and achieve the planning of objectives.

Within this function, the areas of the company are established, and the activities in each of the jobs are classified together with the trained personnel.


It is about the execution of all the strategies that have been planned, which will be driven towards the objectives through motivation, leadership, and communication to maintain the incentive of the workers, fluency in communication in the jobs where evaluations are carried out continuously.


It refers to the constant checking of activities and their progress with the planning of strategies and, in this way, making appropriate decisions, correcting activities, solving possible problems, and evaluating the results.

It is appropriate that administrative management is carried out transparently and professionally so that the measurement of the objectives verified with planning has favorable results.

Types of administrative management

This process is classified as follows:

  • Social management: It is a process of actions and decision making, where possible problems are studied, to redesign and execute the proposals.
  • Knowledge management: By imparting experiences and knowledge among participants, resources can be used appropriately.
  • Strategic management: By carrying out the activities together with other management systems, the processes can be developed efficiently in business.
  • Administrative management: These are the activities oriented within the production of specialized products or services in the company.
  • Technological management: This assumes and carries out processes where decisions related to strategies, actions, policies, and planning are made that are related to the use, creation, and projection of everything that comprises the technological system.
  • Financial management: It focuses on the production and efficient use of economic resources.
  • Environment management: It is the process that helps to manage the environmental system according to reasonable development effectively. Through this process, it is possible to conduct ethical conduct of activities that may affect the environment to make correct management that improves the quality of life.
  • Project management: Facilitates the excellent administration and organization of resources, so that all the work of a given project can be carried out and specified within the budget and planned time.

Benefits of administrative management

This type of procedure provides a series of benefits to companies, which helps them thrive, among the most important advantages are the following:

Focus on the importance of goals

Without this type of process, it isn’t easy to focus on the objectives. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out effective planning, where specific strategies are executed and an organized and productive team that can achieve the company’s objectives in the short term, medium, and long term.

Increase production

This system allows performing a large number of procedures in an improved and straightforward way since it provides the opportunity to change those processes that manage to increase production efficiency.

Through changes and adjustments, the work team is much more productive and efficient, and in this way, the administrative manager will be able to focus calmly on other activities.

Greater production

When strategies are designed, and efficient indicators are defined, work teams act intelligently to save more money and improve product production. By having a well-organized structure, there is a higher probability of solving the problems, and in this way, the company manages to satisfy its employees and customers.

Fundamental responsibilities of administrative management

Within a company, the administrative manager looks for ways to achieve the objectives through planning and fulfilling various responsibilities such as the following:

  • Reflect on possible scenarios that help avoid problems.
  • Efficiently organize economic resources.
  • Have knowledge and analyze the company’s problems and, in turn, confront them and express solutions.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership in complicated processes and situations.

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