What is the pitch, and How to pitch?

What is the pitch?

A pitch (or pitch deck) is a presentation technique that is used mainly in meetings with investors, to whom it is intended to sell a project. This allows us to synthesize the main idea of the company’s product or service.

As the structure of the exhibition is similar in most pitches, investors can follow the presentation in an orderly manner, which facilitates the understanding of the project or undertaking.

How to pitch?

Although the steps to make a pitch vary from one author to another, most maintain the following structure:

  • Concept: the first thing to do is make it clear what service or product you are trying to sell. It is convenient to express it with a short phrase since then there will be time to develop it.
  • Problem: what is an inconvenience, pain, or need that this product or service solves. The best way to expose it is to tell it through a story ( storytelling ) or describing specific data of the problem to be solved.
  • Solution: the product or service should be described here, stating its benefits and how it solves the recently detailed problem. A use case can be shown to reinforce the exposition.
  • Business model: having detailed the problem and the solution provided by the product or service, it will be necessary to explain how the money will be earned through the project.
  • Market: in this step, the size of the market must be defined, that is, how many people have the problem that has arisen, together with the profile of the customer who would buy said product or service.
  • Marketing: at this point, strategies to attract customers through advertising campaigns or other specific promotional actions will be presented.
  • Traction: it is important to reflect if the product or service has been validated with potential users, ideally with sales. You can also show the accumulated trend of attracting users and customers, with public recognition in the different media, awards obtained, etc.
  • Team: it is essential to describe the profile of the main members of the team, emphasizing their previous experience and their role in the project in question. It is about transmitting tranquility to potential investors, about the people who are working for the objectives.
  • Competition: who are the companies that compete with this product or service, what are their weaknesses and strengths, etc. It is often said that if there is no competition, there is no market.
  • Financial aspects: it is important to set a planning horizon of at least 3 years, estimating the income and expenses of the project. It should be simulated how the incorporation of money from potential investors into the project would affect.
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